It’s the question always definite to stimulus contentious debate amongst soccer fans. Who are the greatest soccer players of all time? So here we listed top 5 greatest soccer players, hope this will clear your answer.

  1. Alfredo Di Stéfano
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“We are all footballers, and as such should be able to perform competently in all 11 positions.” With the exception of the goalkeeper role, Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stéfano walked the walk as well as he talked the talk to become the sport’s first Total Soccer player. Di Stéfano was an instrumental figure in the Real team that lifted five consecutive European Cups in the 1950s, scoring in each and every final, and eight La Liga titles. Despite winning caps for three different countries , a run of bad luck cost him the chance to display his versatility on the World Cup stage. But he remains one of the most gifted all-rounders ever to step foot on a pitch.

  1. Johan Cruyff
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Johan Cruyff did manage to make it to the World Cup, and indeed the actual final, in 1974 where he received the Golden Ball and first executed Cruyff Turn. As well as inspiring a whole generation of school kids to practise the brilliantly deceptive move in the playground, Cruyff also influenced everyone from Eric Cantona to Xavi with his unrivalled skill, fluid movements and quick thinking, and transformed Holland’s reputation as a soccer force. Indeed, before Cruyff came along, no Dutch club had ever won a European competition. By the time he left Ajax in 1973 they had won three in a row. Cruyff then guided Barcelona to their first La Liga in 14 years during a spell in which he added the ‘Phantom Goal’ to his box of tricks. It’s difficult to think of any other player who has left such a lasting legacy.

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