1. Lionel Messi
    greatest soccer players

‘A miracle from God’ ‘The Mozart of soccer’, Lionel Messi may be somewhat vertically challenged but he certainly isn’t short of total admiration from his fellows. Teammate Luis Figo even compared watching him play to having an orgasm. With Barcelona he’s lifted eight league titles, four Champions League trophies and five Ballon d’Or awards (four consecutive), and become the highest La Liga scorer of all time with an astonishing 337 goals. And having previously been accused of bottling it on the international stage, Messi then silenced his few remaining critics when he picked up the Golden Ball at the 2014 World Cup.

  1. Diego Maradona
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Diego Maradona’s previously sparkling career ended in humiliation. Failed drug tests at Barcelona and the 1994 World Cup—the latter heavily foreshadowed by his famously wild-eyed celebration after scoring against Greece—ensured that there would always be a black mark against his name. But when the diminutive Argentinian was at his peak, he was literally untouchable. He lifting the sport’s most popular trophy, Maradona also used his precipitous step, quick reflexes and astounding exactness to guide Napoli to two Series – A titles and a UEFA Cup.

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