It’s tricky to find someone to meet for the rest of your life. When we talk about some professions, where they are very busy for finding someone special like; an employee of World Wrestling Entertainment. It becomes very difficult to them. The reason for this, they followed the hectic schedule that they have to endure. So it becomes impossible to meet anyone outside of the industry and start a relationship with them. So they choose their fellow wrestlers. In this industry both genders are involved.

When person in love, age shouldn’t be too much of a factor. These guys and girls take things to a whole new level. But they all seem to be very happy together and that’s the only most important thing in a married life.

Five best couples listed below:

Paige & Alberto Del Rio (15 years of difference)

Paige and Alberto Del Rio’s relationship is the characterisation of tempestuous. It’s safe to say that the age gap has probably played a dynamic element here. Paige falls in love with a man 15 years elder to her. They’ve already broken up once or twice seems to specify that this rollercoaster isn’t going to end all too well.

Michelle McCool & The Undertaker (15 years of difference)

After two failed marriages you would think that The Undertaker might drop the idea of being in relationship, but you’d be wrong. The Deadman married to former WWE Diva Michelle McCool several years ago.  He may have softened with age, but the imperative thing is that, whenever these two are pictured together, they look happy couple.