Can’t perform under pressure? here is solution…

There are too many players in the world who write their name on sky with their skills and performances. Great players have a special skill, they handle pressure very well, perform under pressure and help their team to get out of this situation. Being an important player it’s very important to handle pressure during the game. Here is some tips which can help you.

1. Enjoy the Game

The most easy way to overcome the pressure to enjoy the game. Pressure is all about mind-set. If you mind is enjoying the game then the pressure situation will not disturb you any more.

2. Analyse the situations

Great players always act according to the situations. Even under the pressure situations they know very well what are the things they need to do. So its better to control your nerves and act according to demand of situation.

3. Handle Pressure in practice

Practice makes man perfect, it’s true sentence we all know. Its better to handle these kind of situation in practice session. So that you become so use to it and during the match you can handle it like your regular work.

4. One have to lose.

Always remember if there is competition between two teams, one will win and another have to face defeat. So even if you lose the game today still you will be the part of this game, main thing which matter i.e. your performance.

5. Tomorrow could be better.

Always remember if today you or your team in tough situation it doesn’t mean everything vanished. Day comes after every dark night. So tomorrow will be always better from yesterday and play the game without any fear of loss.

Sports is very important part of our society and its like a religion for people so it’s very normal people have expectations from the players. But goal of sports to increase the spirit of sportsmanship and prosperity

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