1. Matching Costs with Basic Needs:

Visit a brick-and-mortar store-

It’s not necessary to make your final need from your local store, but there is no lose if you seek some expert advice in person when browsing a cricket bat. Experienced staff of the store will give you best advice and detailed knowledge about cricket bat. Through online purchase, read customers’ reviews, rating and form comments of particular brand.

Opt for cheaper bats for beginners-

If you just start to play a cricket then hold on your purchasing top on the line bat now, even if you’re propose is to play full time. Kids have continued to development physically, they will need new and larger bats to match their size or height. So it’s best to opt cheap bat at beginning and when you are ready for serious competition then choose right cricket bat.


Fall back on favoured brands when in doubt-

choose right cricket bat

If you are totally mess up and haven’t find out the way of what to buy or rely on other people’s experience. Check customer reviews or you can also participate into forums for best advices. Go for trusted brands like; Reebok, Puma, Adidas, Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra.

Factor in which type of ball you use-

You will likely be using heavy ball made of leather or polystyrene then without a doubt you need a higher grade bat because the impact of the ball on bat will be harder.

Keep your future use in mind-

If you are looking forward to participate in a serious competition then invest on high quality cricket bat. This will durable enough to stand up to constant hard hitting. However, if you are looking some light weekend fun in the backyard then no need to much worry about getting high end bat.

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