So, in order to play the cricket equipments are needed. In this game the most important equipments are cricket bat, cricket ball, gloves, batting pads, cricket helmet, stumps, wicket keeping pads, etc. cricket equipments are available. Out of which cricket bat and cricket ball are the most vivacious cricket equipment of all.

cricket equipments
The cricket ball is integral part of the play and this equipment weights about 163 grams and with a circumference of 229 mm. Cricket balls are traditionally in red colour, but however white colour balls are also used in test matches. Bowlers used to throw cricket balls in different ways/techniques and directions. The main aim of the bowlers would be to catch out or stump out the batsman. Cricket balls can be dangerous as it is very hard so that safety cricket equipments are mandatory to wear during play. This will help to stop something big happen. It is made of cork which is wounded into cords. Cricket balls are designed to be hard, so that it can be thrown at high speeds.

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