India is filled with full of tradition and culture. In India games have their own important role since forever. Games are played from ages, as we see in plays or read mythological books Lord Shiv and his consort Parvati playing Pachisi, the Pandavas loosing Draupadi over a game of dice. The Mughals were enjoying an afternoon of chess. Sluggishly the time changed and so did our sports.

In a time of video games, Play Stations and gadgets, we all have almost forgotten the traditional games of our India. I still remember the time when I couldn’t wait to come back home from school so that I could go and play a couple of rounds of kith-kith (Hopscotch) or Satoliya with our friends.

So why not recall and replay all these traditional Indian games this summer? Here is the list of 5 such games and sports:

Gutte (5 stone)

traditional game india

This traditional game is played by both children and adults. This game needs 5 pieces of small stones. You need to spin one stone in the air and pick remain 4 stones from the ground without dropping the 5th stone. This game can be played by any number of people.

Kith-Kith (Stepu)


This game needs an open surface and a chalk to draw the game, and then play Kith-Kith. A popular playground game in which players toss a small chip of stone or wood into numbered spaces of a pattern of rectangles outlined on the ground and then hop or jump through the spaces to recover the object. This popular game is also played in other countries.

Kancha (Marbles)


Kancha was one of the most popular games among children in the area. It is played using marbles called ‘Kancha’. The players are to hit the selected target ‘kancha’ using their own marble balls. The winner takes other players marbles as they bet. This game was fun, I still remember I had 4 or 5 bottles of coke filled with marbles that I had won in this game.

Satoliya (Pithoo)


The game is also called Lagori in some parts of India. Any number of people can play it in two teams. It needs seven small flat stones every stone size should be less than the other stone. Keep the stones on each other in decreasing size order. Hit the pile with a cloth ball from a fixed difference until the pyramid again made by the opponent.

Gilli Danda

india traditional game

The game requires two sticks. The bigger one is called “danda” and the smaller one is called “gilli“. The player then uses the danda to hit the gilli at the raised end, which flips it into the air. While it is in the air, the player strikes the gilli, hitting it as far as possible. Having struck the gilli, the player is necessary to run and touch a pre-agreed point outside the circle before the gilli is reclaimed by an opponent.

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