In sports like football, you need a ball and a pair of cleats shoes and you’re ready to go to play and you can play soccer anywhere. In golf, you need the collared T-shirt, the shorts/pants, golf shoes and of course club. Clubs are very costly. The lowermost set of clubs is usually around $200, which is definitely a hit on your bank account. Golf has been called a “rich man’s game” and this is the reason why it called as. The cost to play golf almost exceeds the actual fun of playing.

Golf is a game and it’s really different from other games. Golf is a relaxing sport, play with your friends and it doesn’t really matter what you shoot because you’re not making it to the PGA tour anyway. Professional golfers nowadays come out of the womb with a golf club in their hands. It takes years and years of practice and patience in order to have a chance at being a successful golfer.

Below listed few reasons why golf is rich man’s game: