In our daily routine several time we feel hot, cold, sick, high fever. Everybody want to feel better. But this kind of sickness spoils very important time of a person.
For sure for a great career health is very important. You can not control on your sickness or fever. But we can do some little efforts by which we can get rid of viral fevers quickly.
So here are some things we need to keep in mind.

1. Rest is Most Important

During the rest, our body get enough time to repair and restore ourselves. Better if you get some sleep during the rest because in sleeping time brain release some hormones which create new tissue growth and your body gain more white blood cells which can defend viruses and bacterias more strongly.

2. Try more Juice

During the fever, hydration is a most important thing and juices will speed up the healing process of your body. But if there is child don’t give him too much fruit juice. Always give them juice with a mixture of half glass water and half glass juice. Always avoid energy/sports drinks which encourage infections in the body during fever.

3. Light and Bland Food

If you are suffering from fever than a bland food which is very easy to digest would be very helpful for you to get rid of fever. You can add gluten-free oatmeal and fruit juice popsicles for kids.