We all know the change in season affects our body and skin, it also affects same way on babies. During the change in season, we need to give special attention to our kids. Especially when the season is Summer.

Your baby needs to adjust surrounding temperature in summer. For that, you need to check every time what is your baby eating and drinking all the time.

Here are some things keep in mind if you are with kids in summer

Baby’s Diet

  • In summer main thing which we need to take care of baby’s diet.
  • If a baby is less than 6 months and relies only on breast milk. You feed him often, it will keep him hydrated because summer leads to loss of fluid in the body.
  • If a baby is a little good intake of solid food, then boiled milk will be a better option.
  • You can use powder milk in summer because cow’s milk spoiled easily
  • During an outing with your kids take food such as fruits and cookies over cooked food which can spoil by heat.

Quantity of Water

During the summer season we should take care of baby’s water, it should be hygienic, fresh and clean. Because immunity system of 6 months baby is under development. So if water is not hygienic it can be the cause of infections.

  • Use filtered or boiled water to your baby. Because all bacteria killed in boiled water.
  • During use of mineral water, make sure its seal is intact.
  • Its mandatory for kids to drink 12 ounces of water in summer to prevent dehydration.
  • Parents need to keep check baby’s urine output for symptoms of dehydration.