India’s Priciest Players in IPL History

Indian Premier League (IPL) has unquestionably changed the lives of Indian and other countries’ cricketers. IPL has provided plenty of money both for the players and the franchises those are involved. IPL has become the richest T20 league in the world and has fascinated all the best players in the world. Here we look at the 5 costliest players franchises have ever bid till 2016.

Yuvraj Singh ($2.67 million)

Few have imagined that Yuvraj Singh will fetch 16 crores in the 2015 auction but RCB released that they bought him for less price. Yuvraj made 14 crores a year earlier, so he was once again in the mind of bidders in the bidding war. Yuvraj Singh ultimately ended up as the highest bid player ever in IPL history.

Ravindra Jadeja ($2 million)

Ravindra Jadeja was booked by Rajasthan Royals for 2012 IPL season. He showed best in his matches and he has been one of the most promising young talent in the country. Chennai Super Kings were showed swiftness and understand his potential. He was fetched by them at huge $2 million in the IPL bid.

Rohit Sharma ($2 million)

Rohit Sharma was one of the finest talents in the country and his sports skill desperate the bidder to sign him in their franchise. Mumbai Indians were desperate to sign Rohit Sharma when he was available in 2011 auction and earned a massive $2 million.

Dinesh Karthik ($2.08 million)

Dinesh Karthik has some extraordinary wicket keeping skills as well. When he was available in 2014 auction the franchise has gone all out for Karthik as they finally signed him for a big $2.08 million.

Robin Uthappa ($2.1 million)

Having 10 teams in 2011 auction has made auction much vicious than the earlier versions and Robin Uthappa has been at the center of bidding process after being released by RCB. He was booked by new franchise Pune Warriors India for a huge $2.1 million making him one of the priciest buys for IPL-4.

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