Inspirational Story of Roger Federer’s Comeback From Injury

At age of 35, Roger Federer has a sensational come back in the game. Where in this era of game everybody talks in favor of young and fit players. Roger breaks all rules with his comeback and the quick reflexes in Australian Open.
In an interview with Time magazine roger share with some of his experiences how hard to come back at this level.
Roger said, my knee had some problem and it was screaming for rest. I take a decision to take rest. I start to add some quad exercises, a little running, side shuffling and a little sprinting. I add this routine in the exercise hours and more days in a row and eventually, i got into the tennis. But I take six months before that Roger added.
Fitness is an integral part of any game and at age of 35 it’s very important to you should fit enough and injury free to complete young players. I try to mix my physical fitness with my tennis skills. I took six months off, it was sufficient time to get the ready end of all December. During this period schedule my time well and make sure I am not getting hurt with any injury, He added.
My mental toughness has always been overshadowed by my shot making, my technique, my temperament. I had that from my younger age. When I win it looks so ease and simple. Many say, “Why don’t you try harder ?” I honestly say I try everything I could do. Just because I don’t have lots of sweat and I don’t make face during shot like I am in great pain, it doesn’t mean i am not trying hard. It’s just how I play. Sorry, Roger added.
It’s an amazing season with Roger come back and he ensures his fans, he has much more tennis left. Know We’ll see how Nadal, Djokovic and Murray will complete will all time great player.

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