Players who won the match cost of their lives

Football is a World Game and footballers give their all in the field. It’s very often to them suffering from injuries, but it’s very terrible when injury turns to fatal. There are some accidents where football players died on the field.

Thomas Blackstock

Thomas Blackstock was a defender from England and its native Scotland. He born in Kirkcaldy and died on the field, when he was playing for Manchester United against St Helens on 8 April 1907. After headed a ball, he collapsed and then died. It is one of the oldest death in the field of football.

John Thomson

John Thomson is regarded as one of the great goalkeepers all the time. Frequently Thomson injured a couple of time on the ground, damaging his ribs jaw and collar bone and also lost his two teeth. In Ibrox a tragic accident finish his career and his life as well. He was the part of Sottish team and was playing against England in 1931.

Hrvoje Ćustić

Hrvoje Ćustić was another good player died at the age of 25. His head injured after colliding with a concrete wall which is three meters away from the sideline.

Cristiano Júnior

Cristiano Júnior was one of the best international players who grace Indian football. He plays for East Bengal with Indian Star Baichung Bhutia. Junior collided with young Mohun Bagan keeper Subrata Paul and was unconscious on the ground and unfortunately reason of his death.

Jumadi Abdi

This Indonesian player who played for PKT Bontang as a midfielder and also play for Indonesia U-21 level. He died eight days after a collision with Persela’s Deny Tarkas in a match between Persela in 2009.

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