Pelé was coached by his father and the hard worked when he was played for his first soccer team, that of the town of Bauru, Brazil at the age of eleven. He moved up in competition with outstanding play and soon become the best players on the team. When Pelé was fifteen; his mentor, former soccer star Waldemar de Brito, brought him to Sao Paulo to try out for the major league teams. Pelé was quickly rejected. De Brito then took Pelé to Santos. In Santos he earned a spot on the soccer team by his hard work. Pelé earned nearly five thousand cruzeiros (sixty dollars) per month to play football.

Journey of the International Player:

the black pearl

In 1958 Pelé went to Stockholm, Sweden, to compete in the World Cup championship, the soccer championship that brings together all of the soccer-playing nations for one tournament. Pelé scored two goals in a dramatic 4-2 win over Sweden and his play helped the country to win its first title. Then the black pearl returned to Santos and his team went on to win six Brazilian titles. In 1962 World Cup, he again played on the Brazilian team but an injury forced him to sit out the competition.

November 19, 1969, crowd of one hundred thousand in Rio de Janeiro, Pelé scored his 1000th goal. He leads the Sao Paolo League in scoring for ten straight seasons. Pelé was not only a high scorer of goals but master of ball handling as well. In the field, the handling was like; ball was somehow attached to his feet as he moved down the field.

In 1970 PelĂ© again played for Brazil’s World Cup team, held in Mexico City, Mexico. They beat Italy for the championship. It was PelĂ©’s play, both in scoring and in setting up other goals that won them the title. When he announced that he would retire from international competition after a game to be played July 18, 1971, plans were made to televise the event throughout the world. By the time he left the game he had scored a total of 1,086 goals.

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