Not Much Cricket with Pakistan

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The another one reason of defeat that India do not often play with Pakistan. Even in the IPL and PSL of Pakistan. So the Indian players are less known the strength and the mind of Pakistan bowlers.

Pakistan don’t have to loose anything

champion trophy

Yes, Pakistan has less pressure as compared to Indian Team. Because the way starts the tournament even they were a most criticized team in internationally and by their country people also. Even Pakistani people don’t have any expectations from their team. When they were in final, it was an already a big achievement of the team. Even Captain Sarfraz Khan said during the toss that they don’t have anything to loose from here.

Collapse of Indian Middle Order 

champion trophy

Indian top order’s main 3 batsmen perform their best throughout the tournament and their middle order like Yuvraj, Dhoni, Kedar, and Pandya even don’t get a chance to play some innings. So suddenly when they have to deliver they were totally failed in it.

Indian Top class bowlers failed

champion trophy

India’s mainstream bowlers were totally failed to stop Pakistani batting. Even gift of 25 extra runs given to Pak team. Apart from Bhuvneshwar and Hardik Pandya, every bowler disappointed in the match. If your main three bowlers are failing in the match captain have nothing in his hands.

No doubt it was a great tournament for Asian teams. And we hope Indian cricketers will learn a lot of things from this match and move forward with the positive mind. We congratulate Pakistan for the great performance in the final and wish them best of luck and Our Indian team also, Indian team is still world’s best team ever made.